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DevOps Services

The successful digital transformation of your company requires the utilization of best practices and cutting-edge technologies.

If you’re seeking a way to expedite project and application deployment, produce high-quality software, or simply enhance the efficiency of your development team,


Certified Microsoft Partner

As a certified Microsoft Partner, we hold an advanced specialization: DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure. Our recognition as an advanced partner is not just the result of meeting stringent criteria for effective DevOps solution implementation for our clients but also passing an independent audit that confirms our adherence to best industry practices. 

By participating in dedicated Microsoft programs, we are equipped to support our clients in deploying Azure, DevOps, artificial intelligence, and GitHub services. Discover how our collaboration with Microsoft and the use of artificial intelligence and other solutions can assist development and programming teams in creating innovative software. 


DevOps and GitHub for Microsoft Azure

Our services are built on several key elements to enhance capabilities and facilitate a seamless digital transformation for your company. Combining DevOps services with the entire GitHub ecosystem, such as GitHub Enterprise, Actions, Advanced Security, Codespaces, and Copilot, allows teams to unleash their full potential, especially in projects related to Microsoft Azure services.

The key benefits derived from utilizing our DevOps services include:

Time savings

Faster delivery of applications that meet the current business needs of the company.

Efficient programming teams

Enhanced productivity of programming teams.


Enhanced application security.

Improved collaboration

Enhanced collaboration among project stakeholders.

Process automation

Automation of software development processes.

Cost reduction

You'll gain potential savings in the code development process.

What do we offer?

As part of our service, we utilize ready-made components offered by Microsoft and GitHub, including Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines, GitHub Enterprise, GitHub Advanced Security, GitHub Copilot, and GitHub Actions.

In our service, we adhere to procedures and standards developed based on documents provided by Microsoft, such as Responsible and Trusted AI, Cloud Adoption Framework, and Well-Architected Framework.

Our certificates

How do we work?

Assessment Phase

This involves a thorough understanding of the client's needs and an analysis of their current resources, capabilities, practices, and software development methodologies.

Planning Phase

Designing a solution that aligns with the client's needs based on the conducted analysis and consultations with stakeholders.

Pilot Phase (PoC)

Collaboratively with the client, we test the proposed solution during the planning phase, gather feedback, make adjustments, and showcase the capabilities through a Proof of Concept.

Implementation Phase

Following a successful demonstration phase, we define the full scope of the project and launch the production solution according to the client's needs and adjustments identified during the Proof of Concept.

Maintenance Phase

The final and equally crucial phase, during which we monitor active processes and applications, ensuring operational continuity and continuously improving software development processes within the organization.


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