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The primary requirement of the project was to provide additional infrastructure for secure data storage and an additional location for Veeam backups, following best practices for backup storage. Another critical requirement was to enhance resilience against ransomware attacks. A major challenge was the data transfer to AWS due to the large volume of data and the client’s limited internet bandwidth. However, the transfer itself was seamless. Importantly, using AWS DataSync, the data was automatically copied after specifying the source location (Windows CIFS share) and the destination (AWS S3).

The objective of the project was to establish a highly available infrastructure that could efficiently and securely handle connections from multiple clients while maintaining optimal cost-effectiveness. The final solution evolved through ongoing discussions and the collection of project requirements. The initial architecture provided by the client fell short of meeting all the requirements. Working collaboratively with the client, we delved into designing the ultimate solution architecture while the client verified the feasibility of the proposed solutions within their application.